Abyaneh or red village is a village in the central district of Natanz County in Isfahan Province. It lies 40 kilometers northwest of Natanz in the Karkas mountainside. Due to its local architecture and various historical monuments, Abyaneh is one of the famous villages of Iran. Given the evidence found in Abyaneh, the village dates


Shushtar is one of the oldest cities of Iran which is located in Khuzestan Province and crosses the large river Karun (in past, people called Pasitigris). At the 2012 census, its population was 192,361. It is an ancient city that is situated at the foot of Zagros Mountains, approximately 92 kilometers (57 miles) away from


Maku is a city in the frontier region of West Azerbaijan province. It is a mountainous city in which everybody enjoys an important geographical and strategic position that is 1,634 meters above sea-level. It shares borders with Turkey and the Azerbaijan Republic. In fact, the city is situated across Bazargan border and on the route

Kandovan Village

Kandovan village، Osku is one of the three rocky villages in the world and one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the East Azarbaijan province. This village gains its reputation for rocky houses that look like a beehive. An interesting point about this natural miracle is that the Kandovan village has been made by


Jolfa is a city in and capital of Jolfa County in East Azerbaijan Province. Its population is around 4,983 in 1,365 families. It is located in the north of Tabriz, separated by the Aras River from its northern neighbor and namesake, the town of Jolfa in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The employed population of the


This city is the capital of Ardabil Province. At the 2011 census, its population was 564,365, in 156,324 families, that the dominant majority is ethnic Azerbaijani who inhabitant in Iran. Ardabil is known for its silk and carpet trade traditionally therefore Ardabil rugs and carpets are renowned in the world. It has been politically and

Varzaneh desert

Varzaneh desert located in east of Isfahan near Nain, it is about 110 km from Isfahan. Varzaneh tour is one of best desert tour in Iran and desert trekking in such a desert is something really unforgettable. Varzaneh desert tour surely will give you a good feeling especially about people hospitality, pure nature and long


Kashan is a city in Isfahan Province with 247Km distance from Tehran. Today Kashan is a major center for the production of textiles, rugs and rose water, and a great place to stock up on qualified souvenirs. The most popular time of the year to visit is April, when the fields of rose bushes outside


Qeshm Island UNESCO Global Geo park is an island of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which has the shape of a dolphin. It is the largest island of the Persian Gulf region and stands parallel to the south coasts of the Hormuz Strait. The highest point on the island, Kish Kuh Mount, is 397 m


Isfahan is the capital of Isfahan Province, located about 340 km. (211 miles) south of Tehran. It has a population of 1,756,126. The Greater Isfahan region has a population of 3,793,104, the third most populous metropolitan area in Iran after Tehran and Mashhad. Isfahan is situated on the north bank of the Zayandeh Roud (


Yazd is a city in central Iran and the capital of the Yazd province. It is an ancient city dating back to the Sassanian Period (224-651 AD). The province is divided into ten counties: Abarkuh, Ardakan, Bafq, Behabad, Khatam, Mehriz, Meybod, Ashkezar, Taft and Yazd County. Yazd which is located 270 km southeast of Isfahan


The city of love, roses and poetry. Shiraz is the sixth most populous city in Iran and the capital of Fars Province which is more than 4000 years old. Its population is around 1,460,665. Shiraz is located in the south of Iran and the northwest of Fars Province. It is built in a green plain


The name of Tehran is composed of the words Teh, meaning hot and Ran meaning locality Therefore, Tehran means Hot Locality