Kandovan Village
Kandovan village iran

Kandovan village، Osku is one of the three rocky villages in the world and one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the East Azarbaijan province. This village gains its reputation for rocky houses that look like a beehive. An interesting point about this natural miracle is that the Kandovan village has been made by volcanic eruptions belonging to Mount Sahand and other volcanic mountains of the region during thousands of years. The lava material from volcanic mountains is thrown out and accumulated over the years and due to natural effects like wind and rain deformed and transformed into what can be seen now. It might be surprising if you are told that no building materials such as lime, brick, and timber are used in constructing these houses and they were created only by curving rocks. In fact, this architectural style is an example of a human struggle with nature and due to this extraordinary architecture and texture, the village has been registered as national heritage. What distinguishes Kandovan Village from its similar examples is that 117 families are living in this rocky houses and its habitat are occupied with rural jobs such as agriculture, Animal husbandry, and handicraft making. In spite of what might look, these rocky houses have different parts, such as living room, dining room, kitchen, electricity and even plumbing system. Since many tourists visit this beautiful village every year and considering the location of the Kandovan Village as one of the tourist destinations in the East Azerbaijan, the rocky hotel of Laleh Kandovan has been established to serve the visitors of this region.

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