Varzaneh desert

Varzaneh desert located in east of Isfahan near Nain, it is about 110 km from Isfahan. Varzaneh tour is one of best desert tour in Iran and desert trekking in such a desert is something really unforgettable.

Varzaneh desert tour surely will give you a good feeling especially about people hospitality, pure nature and long history of the area. Keep in mind people is Varzaneh and sourounded area still speak middle Persian language that goes back to pre-Islamic era (official language in Sassanid Empire) and their tradition dont change a lot during the centuries. Sleeping a night in desert can be a different experience that give you freshness. Hot and dry environment make a spectacular views of the stars on earth. Walking on the Varzaneh desert at night feels like being on Mars.

In addition, walking on sand dunes, watching pigeon tower, camel mill, are some of activity during Varzaneh tour.

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