Qeshm Island UNESCO Global Geo park is an island of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which has the shape of a dolphin. It is the largest island of the Persian Gulf region and stands parallel to the south coasts of the Hormuz Strait. The highest point on the island, Kish Kuh Mount, is 397 m high. It has a large number of canyons, hills, caves and valleys, most of which are protected as part of the Unrecognized Qeshm Island Geo park – bliss for nature-lovers.

People in Qeshm, wear traditional and local dresses and live in houses cooled by badgirs (wind towers) also they work in boat-building yards turning out leng ( or lench), the large wooden cargo boats that have crisscrossed the gulf for centuries. Traveling to Qeshm Island is a completely different experience that not only you visit an especial part of Iran but also you can taste delicious local and seafood in some nice traditional restaurants in its villages.

popular attractions in Qeshm:

The Valley of the stars

The Valley of the stars is situated in south of Qeshm. It has 2 million years of history… read more

Naz Island

Naz Island is situated on the southern coast of Qeshm and you can see… read more 

Mangroves forests

Mangroves forests (or Hara forest) include a group of trees and plants… read more

Old ship Factory Shipyard

Close to Bandar Laft is a ship-building yard. Lench, as they are known locally… read more

Laft Port

Laft Port, a small village of about 4,000 residents on the north-western part of Qeshm Island… read more

Khorbas cave

Khorbas cave is among coral reefs near Qeshm Island. The interesting point is existenc…read more 

Hengam Island

Located south of Qeshm is Hengam Island, where the tourist boats stop to see the dolphins…read more

Portuguese Castle

Portuguese Castle is mainly in the peripheral areas of the Persian Gulf, Qeshm Port, Kong… read more





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