Yazd is a city in central Iran and the capital of the Yazd province. It is an ancient city dating back to the Sassanian Period (224-651 AD). The province is divided into ten counties: Abarkuh, Ardakan, Bafq, Behabad, Khatam, Mehriz, Meybod, Ashkezar, Taft and Yazd County. Yazd which is located 270 km southeast of Isfahan province has a population of approximately 560,000 and attracts a growing number of tourists. The city is located at 1,203 m (3,947 ft) above sea-level, and covers 110 km2. The city is hot and dry in summer due to its location, which is between the two main deserts of Dasht-e Kavir and the Kavir-e Lut. Traditionally, Yazd is famous for Termeh, the brocade made with Iranian patterns and used in dresses, bags, footwear and interior decoration.

popular attractions in Yazd:

Fire Temple

The Zoroastrian Fire Temple, also known as Yazd/Bahram/Behram Ateshkadeh, is a temple…read more

Amir Chakhmagh Complex

Amir Chakhmaq Complex is a well-known structure in Yazd, central Iran… read more

Dolat Abad Garden

Dolat Abad Garden, built around 1750, is a Persian architecture jewel which annually attracts … read more 

Tower of silence

A tower of silence (known also as a ‘dakhma’) is a type of structure used for funerary purposes… read more

chak chak

Chak Chak village consists of a Zoroastrian Fire Temple perched beneath a towering cliff… read more

Zein-o-din Caravansary

The Zein-o-din Caravansary is located in Yazd province, Iran… read more 

Fahadan (old neighborhood)

Fahadan neighborhood is one of the most authentic and oldest neighborhoods in Yazd… read more 

Pirnia Traditional House

Pirnia Traditional House is one of the most valuable memorials of Safavid dynasty… read more

Henna grinding workshop

Henna grinding is a 700-year-old profession still practiced in traditional bazaar of the city… read more

The Congregational Mosque or Jameh Mosque

The Congregational Mosque or Jameh Mosque of Yazd is the main, congregational mosque of Yazd… read more


Meybod is a city in and capital of Meybod County, Yazd Province, Iran. At the 2006 census… read more

Narin Castle

The building which is known as Narenj Castle in common language is one of the most important… read more

Ice house

The historical adobe fridge (Ice house) in Meybod in Yazd is one of the sights in this city… read more


Nain is a city and capital of Nain County, Isfahan Province, Iran. At the 2011 census… read more








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