Sa’ad Abad Palace
Tehran - Saad Abad palace

The last Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, was often accused of being out of touch and extremely distant from his people. This palatial complex of 18 buildings that was built by his father, Reza Shah, is sprawled over 100 hectares with amazing views of the Alborz mountains in the background. It was the Shah’s private palace within the kingdom. Two of the most important parts of Saad Abad are:

White Palace Known commonly as the White Palace, this building was the summer home of the last two Pahlavi kings and their families. There once was a large bronze statue of Reza Shah in front which was torn down during the country’s Islamic revolution in the late 70s, but the 54 rooms that make up the palace remain largely intact. Many of these rooms still include priceless works of art from the Shah’s personal collection. In the Ceremony Hall is a 143-square-meter carpet believed to be the largest ever woven in Iran. The basement of the palace is the Nation’s Art Museum.

Green Palace: Green Palace due to the greenish marble interior of parts of the building is another one of Saadabad’s grand structures. The palace was actually built by the Qajars but later remodeled by the Pahlavis into what it is now. Many of the 18 buildings have been converted into museums that include the Museum of Fine Arts, the Royal Automobile Museum (Shahs love their cars), the Military Museum and the Royal Dishware Museum.

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