Niavaran palace
Niavaran palace - Tehran

The Niavaran Complex is a historical complex situated in Shemiran area. It consists of several buildings and monuments built in Qajar and Pahlavi eras, where the last Shah and his family spent most of their time, especially during the last 10 years before their exile from Iran. It’s smaller than Sa’dabad and Golestan palace. The palace of Sahebqaranieh where Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi lived and worked in has more or less been kept the same as when he left it. Connected to Sahebqaranieh is the Jahan-Nama Museum which features the personal art collection of Iran’s last Queen, Farah Diba. The main palace at Niavaran is probably the most modern and stylish of all of the buildings there.

Niavaran contains one really cool carpet depicting Iranian kings dating back to the Achaemenid. You can also see Mohammad Reza Shah’s many uniforms and Queen Farah Diba’s collection of party gowns. The other must see thing at Niavaran is the Ahmad Shahi Pavilion, the former house of the last Qajar Shah of Iran. It is also where the last crown prince, Reza, lived with his odd collection of objects including model planes, a moon rock that was given to him by Richard Nixon and other personal objects of a next young king.

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