Abgineh Museum (Glassware & Ceramic Museum)
Tehrasn - Abgineh

The beautiful building of the Museum of Glassware & Ceramic is the mansion housing glass wares and ceramics that was originally ordered to be built as the personal residence of a politician named Ahmad Qavam in early 1920s. The building was occupied by him as residence and office till 1953 w

Then it was sold to the Egyptian embassy. Eventually, in 1976, it was converted into a museum following some repairs and changes.

The objects exhibited in this museum, which is also called Abgineh Museum, belong to a span of time beginning from pre-Islam period up to the contemporary Iran.

On the first floor, at the beginning of the visit to the museum, there is a hall with a showcase in the ground at the entrance to draw visitors’ attention to a symbolic location of archaeological site under excavation. On the walls, there can be seen maps and ancient regions on the Iranian plateau as well as a very useful timetable of ancient civilizations.

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